May 2012 Travel blog…

LEG 1, Paris

Long flight from Seattle went well. Plan that my boss, Jeffrey, inspired me to attempt during a 7-hour layover in Paris was hectic but successful in terms of a having a quick look at almost every site on my list.

Attached are a few pics to illustrate. Started inauspiciously when we had Euros but not Euro coins for an automated subway/light rail ticket machine, and Brian didn't want to wait in line for the live vendor. So instead sprang for a cab ride in, and were dropped off in a complete deluge at Notre Dame. I had an inadequate windbreaker and Brian nothing, so he ducked into one of the tourist shops (luckily open early Sunday morning) for a cheap umbrella.

Within 15-20 minutes the rain went away, and we found it was easy to get cabs to the locations we wanted to hit, namely Notre Dame, the Arch di' Triomphe (sp?) and of course the Eiffel Tower. No time to climb stairs or explore, and the only glimpse of the Louve was from a speeding taxi, but we were able to duck inside for a croissant and café au lait on the Champs d' Elysses.

Ensuring we had the coins for the subway/train ride back to the airport, we ended up back at the airport with 2 hours of layover to spare. Would've been nice to have used that time in town but having no idea of the distances and potential delays, it worked out pretty great.

Above are people climbing up and down the tower (after standing in long snaking lines for the opportunity).

Below is a composite shot of scaffolding erected in the center under the tower for some sort of work being done, some of the crowds, a hint of some lovely gardens around some of the base, and a large happy pigeon in the center…

Below are hints of amazing Paris sights out the windows of the cabs. Hope we get to return some day with more time!